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Our customers are faced with the need to find the simple solutions to very specific problems that can enable money saving opportunities and create possibilities for new and increased revenue.
Alpha Cloud Labs applies their Big Data management and processing expertise to solve problems

Automated Invoice Processing

  • Process your invoices automatically using our machine learning text mining solution
  • Extract invoice number, invoice amount customer id
  • Classify invoices by categories
  • Quality control module to correct incorrect data classification and extraction
  • Self Learning system to automatically learn and understand new invoice formats
  • Export data to third party systems – ERP, CRM, XLS
  • Advanced real time analytics
  • Cloud based extraction and document storage included as part of the solution
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CM OnDemand Loader for Kofax Capture

  • The CMOD Loader provides a high function replacement for the Kofax Capture Release Script. The CMOD Loader is a client-side only application that:
  • Installs and runs as a Windows service
  • Runs on any Microsoft Windows® based Kofax Server or Kofax Client
  • Monitors the default Kofax Capture Text Export directory
  • Automatically uploads files to the IBM CMOD Server
  • Executes IBM CMOD APIs to load the images/documents and indexes
  • Creates a Client-side log of all transactions
  • Compared to the existing release script, the CMOD Loader has these benefits:
  • - Technical support available
  • - Created for all Kofax versions
  • - Enables CMOD multi-value indexes
  • - Supports Kofax Tables
  • - Export can run as a service
  • - Created in Java
  • - No mapped drive required
  • - No separate CMOD load process required on the server
  • - Detailed client side logging available
  • Download
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Image Rotation

  • The correct image rotation is absolutely critical to high accuracy OCR. In high volume environments a one percent improvement in OCR rates can result in significant cost savings associated with manual data entry or rework.
  • To speed the scanning process in the past, many scanning applications encouraged the scanning in a single orientation, often portrait). Index operators were forced to manually rotate the images if needed to read key index data. Often times the images were archived in using a difficult to read rotation.
  • Alpha Cloud Labs’ Image Rotation utility can be used in a day forward or backfile environment.
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SemanticDocs for Legal

  • AlphaCloud Labs has enhanced our SemanticDocs product to provide features unique to law firms and the legal industry, including:
  • Enhanced graphical interface
  • Case Management
  • Case Indexing structure
  • Legal search and discovery
  • Support for industry specific file types
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Automated Redaction

  • In today’s Big Data environment there is a challenge of protecting individual privacy to comply with internal and external policies and regulations. Corporations and other entities todays have collected scanned documents over many years. Some of these documents contain personal information collected prior to today’s regulations.
  • AlphaCloud Labs’ Automated Redaction solution uses advanced pattern matching technology to process both the archived backfile and day-forward image filesAutomated Redaction combines AlphaCloud Lab’s Image Rotation and Full-text Extraction Solutions with pattern matching OCR to create a high accuracy total solution.
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Full-text Extraction

  • Many of today’s traditional ECM applications rely on meta-data index keys for search and retrieval. Alpha Cloud Labs’ offers the same Full-text extraction that they build into their SemanticDocs archive product.
  • With the Full-text data associated with traditional image files, you can search for the proverbial ‘needle in a haystack’. Or seach for all documents that contain customer sensitive information, such a credit cards or social security numbers.
  • This solution can be employed day forward or against a backfile of previously archived documents.
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QR Code Generation

  • The beauty of the QR Code is that it can be easily read by anyone carrying a smart phone today. The applications are infinite. The challenge is integrating the dynamic QR Code generator into the production environment.
  • Alpha Cloud Labs’ QR Code Generation can be integrated into existing applications to quickly create QR Codes, expecially useful for personal identification applications.
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Email Analytics & Discovery

  • Microsoft Outlook Email users have been creating PST archive files for many years. PST files are difficult to search and discover information using traditional tools.
  • AlphaCloud Lab's PST Search and Discovery solution enables enterprises to archive PST and find insights using our powerful search based machine learning discovery tool.
  • Full Text Search - Search your email address, subject, body and attachments using our full text email search capability
  • eDiscovery - Discover information from your email files using our artificial intelligence engine. Lock sensitive emails and prevent deletion, group similar emails together to support legal discovery and compliance requirements
  • Store and manage PST archive files from 100GB to several petabytes using our cost efficient archive solution
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TIFF to PDF Conversion

  • Many of today’s ECM products have traditionally captured and archived scanned documents as TIFF formatted files.
  • PDF has become the defacto standard for sharing and viewing documents.AlphaCloud Labs TIFF to PDF Conversion solution can be implemented as part of a day forward capture and archive environment or as part of a backfile migration from older ECM products to newer, more user friendly archive solutions, such as Alpha Cloud Labs’ SemanticDocs
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