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    • Email Discovery Features




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      Search - Outlook files, Lotus Notes by first, last or company name
      Full Text Search - Search email content and attachments in Outlook, Lotus Notes
      Advanced search filters - from, to, cc, bcc, date range and wild card searches
      Visual Search - Search via interactive charts to find relevent information
      Contacts - Automatically extract contact information from email


      Discovery - Discover insights from your emails
      Entity Extraction - Extract entities from email content automatically
      Visualization - Visually analyze hidden data from email
      Social Graph - Track emails patterns and relationships


      Taggging - Mark and Tag emails for eDiscovery
      Version Control - Manage versions of emails and set expiration dates
      PDF Export - Export Selected emails as PDF
      Role Base Access - Provide role based access and discovery
      Audit Trail - Track all actions performed through a visual interface

      Synchronization and Archival

      Back up email files to the cloud automatically
      Scan network folders automaticall synchronize emails to the cloud
      Virus Scanning - Automatically virus scan files before upload to cloud
      Archive - Cloud Archive and retrieval

      Cloud Storage

      Cloud Storage to manage the mail archives and disaster recovery 500 GB 1 TB 100TB


      Seat licenses 1 10 100


      Gold/Platinum Gold Platinum Platinum