Unstructured content makes up 80% of an organization’s vital information. Enterprises do not have an active strategy to derive intelligence out of this unstructured content. AlphaCloud Labs is on a singular mission to transform the way Enterprises deal with unstructured content. Our solution is the only enterprise-scale solution that integrates structured content with unstructured content to help with content analytics and drive true social content intelligence. AlphaCloud provides an end to end content centric process - content capture, manage, store, deliver, preserve and provide analytics through the life cycle of unstructured content in your enterprise. We extend social capabilities across your content objects and incorporate the legal and compliance aspects to the business process.


SemanticDocs is an Enterprise-grade content cloud storage collaboration and analytics platform for unstructured data. The platforms allows users to capture, manage, store, discover and share unstructured content with any device securely.

Brandlytics is an artificially intelligent computer system that is capable of understanding and identifying brands in real time on television, social and digital images. Brandlytics will help brands and rights holder monetize sponsorship assets with higher ROI.

Block Chain - Smart Contracts

Our blockchain based Smart Contract for Sponsorship Service in Sports, Media and Entertainment enables sponsors and rights-holders to initiate a sponsorship offer using a predefined set of KPIs to be delivered during the contract period. The resulting smart contract is created. The SCS Service includes our existing AI based real-time KPI measurement process. The resulting data and analysis is presented to all parties of the contract for verification and approval before the data is permanently written to the Blockchain. At this point, the contracted payment is automatically executed and the contract is complete.

Who We Are?

Founded in 2010, AlphaCloud Labs team is passionate about disrupting the conventional way of solving problems in the unstructured data space. AlphaCloud Labs provides an integrated enterprise class platform that leverages the power of cloud computing and computer vision to solve human centric enterprise business problems. We build software that thinks and learns like humans using machine learning and artificial intelligence. We’ve brought together the brightest minds from companies like Citi, NASA, IBM and Motorola to solve some of the most complex data problems for our customers.